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Do you need quick cash but has bad credit? Maybe you’ve been refused a personal loan elsewhere because of your poor credit score. If so, WSCC Loans is here to help. No matter your financial needs or credit score, we are able to provide you a suitable logbook loan that will not only meet your needs but also your budget.

Who is WSCC Loans

WSCC Loans is one of the trusted and leading names when it comes to logbook loans in the UK. We exist to fulfill our mission of providing borrowers with bad credit a logbook loan they can easily and quickly avail.

Knowing how hard it is to avail a logbook loan when you have bad credit, WSCC Loans established this website to be a center of affordable personal loans and a resource for valuable information. Since starting the website, we have helped thousands of borrowers across UK cinch a logbook loan deal. We promise to help more people if you partner with us today.

What We Do

Our job at WSCC Loans is to provide borrowers with not only the most affordable logbook loan deals but also the fastest loans in the market today. We offer same day logbook loan deals for borrowers to use on pressing financial needs. Whether you need a small loan for overdue bills or a large sum for a major expense, WSCC Loans got you covered.

To ensure that we are only giving customers the best deals, we have a team of specialists who scout and research the market. We also work hand in hand with only the best providers and key players in the industry. Helping us provide not only the cheapest but also the most suitable solution for borrowers is Money Advice Service, a website full of valuable information on logbook loans and personal loans in general.

Who We Serve

At WSCC Loans, we specialize in helping borrowers with bad credit who have been refused a loan elsewhere. That means we focus on providing logbook loans for people with a history of ccjs, defaults or even bankruptcy. If you’ve ever ben rejected by a major bank or high street lender because of your credit score, you came to the right place.

Whether you’re working part time, fully employed or self-employed, WSCC Loans has the right logbook loan for you. You just need to provide proof of steady income to guarantee quick and easy approval for your application.

Why Choose Use

If you’re looking for a fair and fast logbook loan deal, you don’t need to look elsewhere. At WSCC Loans, we promise to work hand in hand with our borrowers to ensure that you’re getting a fair price for your deal and same day approval for your application if possible. We also promise to be very flexible with our terms so you can tailor your loan according to your budget and needs.

At WSCC Loans, we have a team of experts who are always ready to help and assist borrowers every step of the way. We also partner with top advice websites such as you can check out today for more information on logbook loans and borrowing in general.

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If you’re of legal age, a resident in the UK and a vehicle owner, we welcome you at WSCC Loans. You can avail affordable logbook loan deals in as little as one day no matter your credit score. To apply, simply follow out easy process. Fill out our online application, wait for the assessment then complete the process at our main office. Once approved, you can receive the money within minutes.